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About your symptoms

We need to understand the types of symptoms you are suffering.

When and how did you first experience your symptoms? Do you suffer from continuous dizziness or from recurrent attacks of vertigo? At what time of the day are your symptoms worst? What makes your dizziness worse? Have any healthcare investigations already been made to assess your symptoms? These, and many other questions will be discussed during the first consultation. Here is more information (in Swedish) about how to describe vertigo and dizziness symptoms.

Booking doctors appointments

Find out about free time slots and perform the booking yourself.

You can also use the contact formulare below. Your information will be sent to a secure server.

If not a permanently resident in Sweden, you will be asked to pay cash or by credit card during the consultation.

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Yrselcenters verksamheter är inte del av offentlig sjukvård, utan enbart inriktade mot patienter med privat vårdförsäkring. Vänligen fyll i alla fält så kan vi behandla Din förfrågan så snabbt som möjligt.

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