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Center of excellens for dizziness

Dizzycenter Stockholm is a private highly specialised clinic for humans experiencing dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders.

We are medical doctors specialising in Hearing and Balance disorders, Ear-Nose-Throat-diseases, Neurology and Psychiatry. And two naprapaths.

For the last 20-30 years we have been working in the clinical field of hearing and balance disorders. Our diagnostic management and treatment is of the highest international standard.

Balance Test & Vertigo Assessment

We assess the most important parts of the human balance systems using neurophysiological tests. These tests include an assessment of the functioning of different parts of balance organs, the balance nerves, the central nervous system and the nerve system of eye movements.

The balance tests performed are explained on a separate website www.balanslaboratoriet.se (in Swedish).

One session leads to diagnosis and treatment

One session lasts for 40 minutes and usually leads to one or more diagnoses explaining the symptoms. Before treatment can start, a clear diagnosis is required.

We investigate vertigo spells, dizziness and sudden falls. Our investigations can tell whether the cause of vertigo is benign. Indications of neurological diseases and faults in the central nervous system may be identified or can be excluded as causes. Symptoms of dizziness may be very unpleasant and threatening. Our aim is to cure the disease if possible. In all other cases, we provide tools for our patients to regain control over the symptoms.

We treat different types of vertigo- and dizziness. Our patients’ symptoms are often related to five very common dizziness diseases:
Various types of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Vestibular neuritis, Vestibular migraine, Functional dizziness/Persistent Postural Perceptual dizziness and Meniere’s disease. These diseases and other causes of dizziness are explained on our website www.yrsel.com (in Swedish).

dr Christian Geisler
medical doctor specializing in Audiology and Ear-Nose-Throat-diseases, MBA Healthcare

dr Anders Lundin
medical doctor specializing in Neurology and Psychiatry, PhD

dr Mikael Karlberg
medical doctor specializing in Ear-Nose-Throat-diseases, PhD

dr Catarina Bergsten
medical doctor specializing in General Medicine

Booking doctors appointments

Appointments are booked by your private health insurance company. We co-operate with these insurance companies.

Private consultations can be arranged when free timeslots appear in our schedules. To see a price list and how to send us a textmessage, please click here.